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"An extremely versatile vocal powerhouse who sounds at home in a range of styles." 

- Ryan Korell, Musical Theatre Composer

 "Boy, can that girl sing - she's a Broadway belter" - Regina Belt-Daniels, Northwest Herald

Hailed as “powerful” and “transformational” on stage, Rachel Carreras is an emerging force in the Chicago theatre community. With the strength and maturity to perform a passionate Aldonza
(Man of la Mancha) and the nuance and grace to deliver a stirring Wendla (Spring Awakening) in the same season, Rachel has proven her dynamic ability across a spectrum of roles and genres. As a vocalist, Rachel trained in Vienna as a classical soprano only after achieving notoriety in musical theatre, jazz, and pop music styles. One thing is for sure, whether she is singing Christine from Phantom of the Opera or belting a Christina Aguilera anthem, Rachel’s captivating performances consistently drip of sincerity and impress audiences of all ages.


Equally comfortable in the recording studio, Musical Theatre composer Ryan Korell records with Rachel regularly and describes her as "an extremely versatile vocal powerhouse who sounds at home in a range of styles from musical theatre to opera to pop to choral. Her vocal prowess and ability to take on-the-spot direction make her an asset to any project. She also brings an infectious positivity to her work that makes collaborating with her a delight." 

Directors have noted Rachel’s unparalleled preparedness and commitment to the process, which has made her a sought-after performer, clinician, and collaborator. Additionally, Rachel has a heart for children and regularly encourages students through masterclasses, school performances, and mentorship opportunities. Keep an eye out for this unique talent who continues to reveal more of her vast ability every time she takes the stage.


"Aldonza (Rachel Carreras) may be her birth name but as the “Dulcinea” he calls her, she transcends outward reality for inward growth. Carreras is powerful in creating this transformation of her self-image."

- Karen Topham ,

"Rachel Carreras is Bea, Nick’s loving and supportive wife, and boy, can that girl sing – she’s a Broadway belter. She also has a comforting, expressive face. Both Carreras and McCormack are strong, vibrant actresses and as equally charismatic as their male counterparts."

- Regina Belt-Daniels, Northwest Herald

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